Michael Heykoop

Canada's Opioid Epidemic

You likely remember the slogan, “Just say no to drugs.” It seems simple enough. The message that drugs are destructive is one that most would agree with.

Is Shoplifting Legal?

Frustration over inflation is a real and increasing problem. No one is happy to arrive at the checkout aisle only to discover that the same basket of groceries they purchased last month for one price now costs 7 percent more.

Cattail Eco-Heroes

On the rolling Saskatchewan prairie, about 70 miles east of the city of Saskatoon, sits a pleasant community of 6000 people named Humboldt.

Creating a Bipolar World

The Russian-Ukraine war that began in February 2022 will have a significant impact on the relationships between nations for years to come, despite any peace deals that will arise.

A New Reserve Currency?

Could the Euro, Yuan, Bitcoin or some new currency we've never even heard of become the next "world reserve currency?" Who decided that the US Dollars would be the reserve currency anyways and what does it actually do in that role?

More Inflation on the Horizon?

You don’t have to have a degree in economics to recognize inflation. Just go to the grocery store, retail store, gas station, or shop online, and you discover higher prices. What are some of the many factors that contribute to this phenomenon?

The Origin of the British Monarchy

Queen Elizabeth II has been a constant presence on the throne England for more than 70 years. Crowned Queen of the United Kingdom on February 6, 1952, she reigns over an additional 15 commonwealth realms.

What Happened to the Davidic Line of Kings?

David, the most famous king of Ancient Israel was promised a dynasty that would live on forever. His son, Solomon, succeeded David and extended the boundaries of the great nation. However, upon Solomon's death, the nation was divided in two.