Life Lessons

An Eggs-quisite Invention

For most of us, life today is easier in many ways than it was for our great-grandparents because of a number of rather simple inventions often taken for granted.

Building a Good Foundation

Something of particular interest to me, in my training as an architectural designer, is the design and construction of a good foundation.

How To Overcome a Sedentary Lifestyle

For more than 15 years, the World Health Organization ( or WHO) has made sedentary behaviour a global public health issue and is attempting to eradicate its effects across the globe. So I ask the following: are you sedentary?

The Old Dirt Road

"The Old Dirt Road," as we called it, served my father well for his exercise of choice after a hard day’s work. It also served me, by giving me a chance to learn an important lesson from my father about planning for the future.

Who Do You Imitate?

One way we learn is by imitating someone. Children, especially, are imitators. But adults also learn by imitating others, particularly those they admire. Who do you imitate?

If It Was Easy...

There were five kids in my blended family, growing up during the 1950s, and my stepfather was a genius at keeping all of us busy.

Sowing the Wind

I admit it! I'm a weather junkie. I follow reports on the weather carefully and check the Weather Channel often to see what is going on in different parts of the country and the world.

A Race Well Run

At a time when we are inundated daily with a tsunami of negativity and dark, foreboding developments around the nation and the world, a real-life story of courage and overcoming adversity is a welcome break in the weather.