Archaeology Always Proves the Bible

Rich in fantastical stories, the Bible seeks to illustrate the might of the all-powerful God of Israel. The miracles of His guidance and protection towards His people are stories akin to Hollywood movies today.

The Origins of Halloween

Do you know why people dress up on October 31st and parade around in their ghost or witch costume? They will undoubtedly answer: well yes, because it's Halloween! And they are right! But that was not the point of my question.

Soccer: The King of Sports

Who has never heard of soccer? Almost everyone who lives in this century has seen or heard of this sport where two teams of 11 players each compete to put the ball in the opponent's goal.

Where Did Carnival Come From?

Carnival is celebrated each year in more than 50 countries. Fireworks pierce the night sky and the sound of soca or samba music fills the air. Colourful costumes adorn attendants as they dance and revel in their festivities.

The Lesson of Louisbourg

It was 1713 and France had not done well in the treaty ending the War of the Spanish Succession. The Treaty of Utrecht saw it lose claim to Newfoundland and much of Acadia.

The Origin of the British Monarchy

Queen Elizabeth II has been a constant presence on the throne England for more than 70 years. Crowned Queen of the United Kingdom on February 6, 1952, she reigns over an additional 15 commonwealth realms.

What Happened to the Davidic Line of Kings?

David, the most famous king of Ancient Israel was promised a dynasty that would live on forever. His son, Solomon, succeeded David and extended the boundaries of the great nation. However, upon Solomon's death, the nation was divided in two.

Who Was Haile Selassie?

There is an ancient prophecy that foretells of a kingly dynasty that shall never be abolished, a dynasty that was to come from the hereditary line of King David. Ethiopians claim this lineage today – by way of their former Emperor.