Current Events

Canada's Opioid Epidemic

You likely remember the slogan, “Just say no to drugs.” It seems simple enough. The message that drugs are destructive is one that most would agree with.

Depression: The Underrated Modern Plague

Great plagues have ravaged populations throughout man's history. These plagues afflict rich and poor alike--they do not discriminate. One study set the cost of depression and anxiety to Canada at nearly $50 billion annually.

Never Again Masada!

Hamas terrorists invaded the state of Israel, killing civilians, beheading babies and children, raping women, and taking hostages to use as bargaining chips and human shields.

Truth: A Forest Fire Casualty

A June 15, 2023, Fraser Institute article reported that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent the following tweet: “We’re seeing more and more of these fires because of climate change.” It is unhelpful to make or report public statemen

Creating a Bipolar World

The Russian-Ukraine war that began in February 2022 will have a significant impact on the relationships between nations for years to come, despite any peace deals that will arise.