Confused 'Christianity'

Why Truth Doesn't Matter!

Do you remember when you believed in Santa Claus? Or the Easter bunny? Why did we fall for the lies? It’s because we rely upon the information given to us by others as being true and accurate.

Where Do Christmas Traditions Come From?

Tradition has the power to make common those things which, upon even a little contemplation, are peculiar or outright bizarre. Practices that seem to have nothing to do with the event at hand can be considered essential elements.

Was Moses Jewish?

The story of Moses leading his people through the Red Sea is one of the most familiar stories in Western Society. It is foundational to two of the most influential religions on earth, Judaism and Christianity.

Am I Going to Hell?

Are you going to burn in hell for eternity or have you been good enough to go to heaven as your reward? Most religions have been misrepresenting what the Bible says and neither of these outcomes is true.

Is the Earth 6000 Years Old?

Current estimates place the age of the earth at 4.54 billion years. However, many claim that God created it some 6000 years ago. That's quite the difference. Could the planet really be only 6000 years old?

The Truth About Santa Claus

Every year a man wearing a red suit flies through the air on a sled pulled by magical reindeer. He comes from the icy land, known as Lapland and he hands out presents to every good boy or girl.

Where Do Easter Eggs Come From?

Each year, countless children will wake up and begin searching their property for colourful eggs supposedly laid by rabbits. What do these eggs have to do with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ? Where do Easter eggs come from?