Culture Wars

Inquisition and Activism

The inquisition of the medieval period was a brutal time, when a religious organization went to brutal lengths to persecute any people they deemed not to be in agreement with their own world view.

The End Game of Political Correctness

On the surface, the idea of political correctness, ensuring that our words are not harmful to those around us, seems good. Yet many are starting to realize that political correctness has gone far beyond limiting legitimate problems.

The End of Normal

In the realm of sex, gender, and sexuality, what is normal now? What is a normal marriage? A normal family? The answers were once commonly understood.

What is Toxic Masculinity?

The notion of gender confusion is a topic gleaming in the spotlight of the media. While some try to support the concept of the fluidity of gender, others publish documentaries such as 'What is a Woman?' by political commentator Matt Walsh.

Critical Race Theory

In recent years, we have seen protests, riots, and a slew of news headlines increasing in frequency, focusing on the issue of systemic racism within different areas of society.

Post-Modernism: Marxism in Disguise

In our previous viewpoint, 'The History of the Marxist Theory', we discussed the ideologies of Karl Marx that eventually gave rise to the theory of communism, a flawed theory that supposes society as an economic class struggle.